Overcoming Cruelty

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 Throughout human history, a common dilemma has been where cruelty is used as a primary survival tool. You may have experienced it personally, and now the entire world is experiencing it. Those who ignore the signs of life’s vulnerability, and plunge forward with unsustainable activities, are being cruel to the Earth itself. Throughout history, there've been ways to correct this that are no longer available. In the days of Lord Krishna, there were the acts of Mahabharata (the great war). Lord Krishna, in his advice to Arjuna, schooled him in the art of right war . . . the alternatives of righteous might. In the days of Abraham, Moses, and Lord Jesus, there was corrective guilt, and Mahatma Gandhi used this guilt as a powerful tool to bring colonial cruelty into submission.

But neither righteous might, nor corrective guilt, are available any longer, for just as with bacteria and virus -- cruelty has mutated. Where there was anything that could stop it in the past, cruelty has created a more powerful work around. The past had means of controlling the money exchange -- the lifeblood of any effort, including cruelty. By using these alternatives, you could move capital into righteous hands and produce greater forces with more powerful militaries, or forces of global exposure to create overwhelming atmospheres of guilt. These were the tools of Gandhi and Lord Krishna, but they’re no longer available. It's quite obvious that guilt is no longer working, for cruelty is immune to it. And now cruelty controls the greatest military forces, and the global banking system. With all of these challenges dominating the lower dimensions, the answers will only be found in higher realms -- the ones on the threshold of miracles and magic -- the ones located through your meditative mind. 

Our prayer is that you’ll dedicate a portion of your life to developing these higher skills of perception; that you’ll start by believing they exist, and then pursue their mastery; that you’ll remember how essential this is for life’s survival, and allow miraculous answers to come through your connection to the universal mind.

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