Connect with the Much Larger Numbers

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  Humans work with very small periods of time even when the numbers seem extremely large. Billions and trillions are small when compared with the numbers that the Cosmos works with. A day of Brahm for example . . . this is a day worth 4.32 billion Earth years, which would make a year of Brahm over a trillion and a half Earth years long. And this is not even the large periods in the Cosmos -- the idea that this Universe is only 13.8 billion years old is exactly like the flat Earth idea that went on for centuries . . . the best guess in an ignorant time. Yet in these tiny spaces of the Universe -- that appear so huge -- the human gets lost in its importance that’s completely unimportant.

In a lifetime that's one of billions amongst trillions and more . . . it’s here in this idolatry within idiocy that the soul waits patiently for the goodness in each human to emerge. Hiding behind this illusion and shuddering from the fear, doubt, and uncertainty . . . the small numbers make all the difference without making even the slightest difference. The larger numbers, the numbers without limit, are ignored like the breath of spirit filled with its courage, joy and love. It’s called inspiration when it replaces the desperation of small numbers considered huge in the human fantasy. Breathing the limitless nature of being, draws conclusions from the illusion that your human experience is a gift to be spent from the soul's perspective -- the perspective of its true nature . . . a drop of great water in the ocean of love. 

Our prayer is that you measure up to this measureless task of being a soul in a human body, and in this way you become a ruler for others to measure up to. Teach by example; lead with your discipline, and become conscious of your breathing more often and begin to connect with the much larger numbers beyond measure.

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