See the Whole Picture

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  The microchip, in its three dimensions, is nearly impossible for the linear human brain to conceive of. However, when you spread out those three dimensional layers, you're able to see it more clearly in a two dimensional model. You can conceive of how the layers and circuits connect together in three dimensions, and then the fourth dimension becomes a virtual factor of the software that runs through those micro veins. Most of the human senses are very logical and mostly two dimensional with a few sprinklings of three and four dimensions in amongst them. This is why there are so many human misunderstandings.

The layers of the actual consciousness hide within and behind each other like hills behind hills with valleys beyond those. It's like this Himalayan fact, you can see Mount Everest from 200 miles away, but you can’t see it from 20 miles away, because the hills are in the way of that closer angle. In terms of human consciousness -- it’s like a biological, psychological, microchip that's continuously revealing the hidden meanings behind the hidden inference. This is why it is so important to engage with the other two main brains and the connecting spine. The gut brain and the heart brain work alongside the head brain to form a more complete picture. They add the non-verbal dimensions, which are invisible to the very two-dimensional verbal nature of the intellect out of the head. The head brain is a calculator and possesses very little depth of perception, the gut has the greatest sensation of depth and the connections across this depth. The heart has the equation of giving and receiving completely locked in. In the analysis of head brain, you get angles of two dimensions that mimic multi dimensional thinking but it’s just a facsimile, it’s not a reality. 

Our prayer is that you allow yourself into the whole picture; that you realize that connection and reception is more important than striving and getting, and that this gives you a sense of who you actually are in this world at this time, and what on Earth are you doing for heaven’s sake.

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