Connect The Connections


  All animals -- large and small -- may appear to not understand what you’re doing and saying, but this is an illusion of the human misunderstanding. This is the same misunderstanding illusion that has humans as the only creatures believing in war as a solution. All other creatures are tuned into far more than they’re given credit for, and they understand far more levels of what you’re doing than even you do yourself. They're aware of what’s motivating you, and yet their languages -- by logical human analysis -- are not complex. This is where logic fails to track the dimensions beyond these two, three and four. It's like trying to judge the sound of a violin by watching the movement of the bow -- you’re using the wrong sensation to comprehend the situation. There are dimensions of languaging and sensation that the logical sounds of language cannot comprehend, test, define, or even study.

This is the world in which these other animals move through with comfort and great ease. Just see how quickly a new dog can join a pack; a new horse can join a herd, or a new bird can join a flock. These creatures are far superior in deciphering common signals. Humans not only cannot understand their own . . . you cannot understand each others. Animals make an effort and succeed -- humans make up stories and don’t. This has been the nature of humans for many thousands of years, which is the reason that humans are the only creature on this planet making it unliveable. There is no other creature polluting, stagnating, or disrupting this ecosystem.

Our prayer is that you take charge of your sensations and begin to connect the connections between yourself and others -- human and not; that you allow the other animals to lead by example and pick up their intuitive signals along the way. This is the time for understanding and the natural creatures of the world are here to teach you.

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