Connect Heart to Mind


The connection of heart to mind, that meditative connection, is solid. We create that connection through mediation when we clear the channels and open up to our focal point. Inching toward our focal point, we try to get closer and closer to the reality of what is. Did you know the reality of what is -- is actually your expectation? We’ve got to get in touch. Expectation comes from the heart, its cellular; it’s a cellular knowledge that derives from your genetics and incarnations. It’s imprinted on us before we even take charge of our own body. That is why we chant. We erase all of those frequencies that we picked up along the way in lifetimes and current daily interactions. We didn’t necessarily walk through our entire lifetimes perfectly conscious and we don't always walk through every day extremely conscious. So we want to come back to a point of clarity on a daily basis to cleanse and clear the path forward. Let’s start by always coming back into the body glove.