Concept is Not Experiential


When you take a herbal remedy, the plant has developed a capacity that you are now going to ingest. This capacity was to protect itself from what you are now trying to protect yourself from. In the binary system, everything is a cause and effect, an action and a reaction. In what we now call the Western world, because of the Ice Ages, we began eating and drinking blood. The blood of the kill ingested all those painful events. We began taking ourselves out of the moment to make it easier.

This continued from century to century, until it actually became a part of the genetic core. Over this time we developed what is known as concept. Concept is telling yourself about an experience that could be experienced but you aren't experiencing it, rather intellectualizing it.

We were developing concepts based on fear, and concepts in turn developed fear. Then we began to think that we couldn't go where we didn't know, go without knowing, because concept told us we knew only what we knew.

When you live in the experience of the moment, you know without knowing. You don't need proof, reason or explanation.


Has it ever happened to you that you knew something you had no way of knowing, and it turned out you really did know?