completely unique & outstanding


Over the course of centuries, the original teachings of mystical, experiential, and spiritual mastery, have been reduced to the rituals of ceremonial traditions. When an essential component of the human experience is removed in this way, the lack of essence -- something you intuitively know should be there -- creates a gap in the collective psyche. This gap stimulates evolution to fill it. The world traditions have responded with, "let’s get serious about what we're doing." And so it is on Earth here today, you have very serious attitudes throughout the rituals and ceremonies of these world's traditions, but clearly the mystical experiences of joy, revelation, awakening and connection are missing. These "get serious" attitudes -- believed to be the way by those involved -- are not the way, but their fanatic efforts weigh heavily on the lack of spirit. It's obvious to the youth that there cannot be a spiritual experience under such weight and so they wait for people like you to come along. This is your task, you are the new masters, reborn to teach the essence of the mystics and the experience of spirit. You have to withstand the deep criticism that will naturally come your way and cause you to stand out. The lack of spirit has produced an evolutionary crisis, much like the Renaissance period. This is evolution at work, and you are its hope and saving grace. You are being forced into your outstanding strength -- be at peace with this strength -- it contains a light force and this force produces an experience of spirit. You are the new mastery and the planet is counting on you to shine into the darkness with your example. Our prayer is that you make this renaissance a reason for your being; know that you won't ever fit in with most of what's around you; have the courage to be completely unique and outstanding -- the person of your destiny . . . quite odd, extremely sensitive, and unusually compassionate . . . the master that you are.