Compassionate Communication


Evolution is incredibly compassionate: there’s a fungi growing just inches under the surface of the world’s forests -- it’s the largest individual mass of any organism on Earth. One that’s been discovered covers two thousand acres in the old-growth forest of Oregon State. Mycelium, as it’s called, has evolved into the neurological network of nature -- creating systems of phenomenal information sharing for life of all kinds. It has ecological awareness; reacts to changes in climate, and collectively maintains the long-term health of its environment through constant communication and complex responses. The basic science is: Microscopic cells called “mycelium” -- the fruit of which are mushrooms -- work to recycle the carbon, the nitrogen, and many other essential elements, as they break down plant and animal debris to create rich new soil. Over the millions of years, other abilities emerged from this system as evolution continued to nurture the plant-kingdom. Young trees, in the middle of tall forests, were unable to grow because of the lack of sunlight in the vast denseness. Mycelium learned to transfer the nutrients of sunlight from the meadows, where it’s abundant, to the baby trees in the middle of the dark forest . . . the “babies” thrived. These networks have expanded to cover every forest on Earth. This mycelium communication serves as an example of the systemic networks that are desperately needed for the future of the dense, diverse “forest” of humanity. Animals are more closely related to this fungi than to any other kingdom -- more than 600 million years ago there was a shared ancestry. This represents the new evolution -- it has arrived on Earth right now. Because you’re reading this, it shows you’re one of the curious, compassionate, sage/warriors who will create this new evolution for humanity to thrive. Our prayer is that you maintain your curiosity; that you take the lead in creating these networks of compassionate communication, and then discover the countless ways you can help ‘life’ that’s in such need. If it takes someone to step up, why not you . . . if it needs to happen sometime soon, why not now?