The difference between narcissistic behavior and a conscious belief in unlimited capacity, is the ingredient of compassion . . . narcissism has very little. A conscious belief, filled with the abundance of self, when also filled with compassion toward others, is the basis for an awakening. Narcissism is trending at the present moment, stimulated by an ominous sense of danger. What if the solution to these individual ills, is the compassion of a large group? Then the need is for compassion to bring people together . . . this is the opportunity. The way to stop a runaway train is not to argue with the driver, but to shift the topography of the land -- this changes the direction of the tracks. Massive gatherings of compassionate humanity can reverse the current trends . . . this is the topography. There’s an ancient saying among the sages, that in the face of grave danger and darkness, you must become a warrior; in the face of tremendous ignorance, you must become a scholar, and in the face of joy . . . roll in it. As unbelievable as right now is, you must remember this is being caused by the abundance of the polarity . . . the presence of great joy. As crazy as it seems in these times of darkness, realize that darkness can only be displayed in a vastness of light.

Your task is to concentrate on the light. There’s a story of a little boy in a room filled with horse manure . . . he’s down on his hands and knees searching wildly. When asked what he’s doing, he says, “The pony has got to be here somewhere, because this shit is fresh.” That's humanity in this moment -- up to its neck in shit -- it’s time to start looking for the ponies. Now is the time to gather in community . . . to experience the sensation of the like hearts around you. Darkness is the noise that's carrying the signals; the louder the noise, the more signals there are. Inside all of this noise, follow it to the signals of your higher awareness; they will light up your life.

Our prayer is that you’re very stimulated right now; that you’re feeling that this is the time for your mission to be strong within the abundance of noise, and that amongst all this shit, you’ll find some incredible ponies.

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