If you practice yoga enough and long enough it establishes a routine within you where you are not getting up in the morning and obeying what your brain or your feelings decide . . . what the day should be . . . or something that your brain or feelings established a long time ago which maybe your routine. It is the concern about not receiving your desires that prohibit them from arriving at your door. If you got the concern your brain is programmed to be right. If you are concerned and you are shown to be a complete idiot for having the concern, you're wrong and that is not something you are willing to be. So you will protect your fear by delivering the object of your fear just often enough so the fear will survive and continue to be correct. We are taught this in school. You are rewarded for being correct and unrewarded for being wrong. That is exactly opposite of what education is because education is entering the unknown with enough courage to make as many mistakes as are required to turn the unknown into knowledge. What we're being given is train the brain so that you can get a job so that you can be a slave to that job and then worry about the fact that you better keep that job and you will remain in that state of fear. Will you sponsor an uprising within yourself? In that uprising inside of yourself, will you have an attitude that we are going to unite behind the heart and compassionately take control of this worshiping instrument for as long as it exists? And we will not be co opted by fear and doubt. Let's face it, we will get a little bit better everyday and we will keep relating to this lecture every single day inside our own brain and when you start falling down get some people around you to say: Hey . . . you're going backwards . . . Get a group of people. This is what community is all about.