Commitment—Do not Hide in the Eye of the Storm


Life in a human form is not meant to be agonizing or hard but the moment you go for your dream, you are going to have to pass through that section of gut wrenching agony because you gathered it all around you. In order not to hide in the eye of the storm but break out through that storm . . . you have to pass through the gut wrenching agony and once you get through it, you are done. That is what being human is. Sitting in this little center pocket and looking out there wishing and hoping, that is not a human life . . . that is an animal life lived on two legs with no wings, no fur, no claws, no nothing. When you live a life like that, you worship things like money. It is an illusion.

The only thing that isn't an illusion is absolute total commitment that brings with it trust.