Commit To Being You


We want to be accepted by others. When we don't feel accepted by others, we feel (by definition) rejected, and feeling rejected tends to make us reject others. But what if you worked from the assumption that being accepted by others is a given? What if you took it as a fact that there isn't a soul in the world who’d want to reject you. Wow, that would take off a lot of stress, wouldn't it? But that would free up way too much of your brain, and so you’d say, “That's way too weird!” and go back to struggling to be accepted. An unbelievable portion of your daily activity is spent in trying to be accepted. You don't speak your own mind, but what you think is on somebody else's mind. You gauge the response you are going to get when you speak, a trick you learn at an early age. You know how to gain the acceptance of that gigantic world of adult children, because you learn when you're a child that certain behavior gets results.

“Hey, that does something,” you think. “I get a lot more when I do that.” And you’re still using those tricks on a daily basis; it’s not working as well as it used to, but you're still going for it. What if you just absolutely gave it up? What if you just surrendered, if you absolutely quit it? Do you know what that would be called? That would be called commitment to being you.