Commit to Being You


For millions of years and millions of lifetimes one of the driving forces of every existence has been the striving for the acceptance of others.  Without this acceptance we would be forced to live on our own and in many instances this would mean certain death.  This has carried forward into our human existence as strong as it has ever been.  No matter who we are, or where in life we are, we want to be accepted by others. When we don't experience the acceptance of others, we feel rejected, and feeling rejected tends to make us return the disfavor. But what if you developed the capacity, and you learned to work from the outrageous assumption that being accepted by others was an absolute given? What if you took it as a fact of life that there isn’t a soul on Earth who would care to reject you?  Wouldn’t that take away a great many of life’s persistent stresses?

But this would also free up so much time in your brain that you might end up saying, “this is way too weird!” and perhaps you’d run back to struggling through time in order to be accepted.

An unbelievable portion of all daily activity is spent in this striving for acceptance.  In fact most humans don't speak their own mind, but very often speak to what they think is on somebody else's mind . . .  what they think others will want to hear. People gauge the response they are going to receive back when they say something and this determines: if, or how they will say it . . . a trick learned at an early age.  Most people speak into this trick constantly without actually realizing it. You know how to gain the acceptance of that gigantic world, because you’ve learned as a child that certain behavior gets great results . . . certain behavior is acceptable. It is reward and punishment training.

“Hey, that achieves something,” you realize. “I get a lot more when I do that.” This is the nature of nearly every child and adults are still using these tricks on a daily basis; it’s not working as well as it used to, but you're still going for it.

What if you just absolutely gave it all up? What if you just surrendered, if you absolutely cancelled your subscription to playing for the audience and decided that you were going to be yourself come what may?

Do you know what that would be called? That would be called a commitment to being you . . . the real you that you were born to be. Give it a try and experience: first the fear because it’s walking into the unknown, but then eventually it will begin to fill you with an unreasonable and indescribable joy.