Commit to Being the Solution


So often it's said that humans are the highest lifeform on Earth, but this is not universally true. Cruelty, savagery, and brutality are found in the human cultures, not in other animals, and this is not a sign of higher consciousness. The Earth is a “one-room schoolhouse” and though some are exalted -- most are unevolved with ignorance and arrogance corrupted by the competition that prevails throughout this species. The majority of humans on Earth are being educated, recalibrated, and repaired through evolution. These are the ones -- like the bullies of any schoolhouse -- who are the most insecure; the loudest in the room, and tend to run the “schoolhouse”. So it would be more accurate to say that human beings have the potential of being the highest form of life on Earth, but there’s a ways to go before this is reality. These brutally unconscious bullies are not to be criticized, for it’s a painful path they're on . . . criticism only increases their shame and causes a violent reaction. This is the puzzle that must be solved by those of you who are the highly conscious ones. How are you to spread this compassion throughout a world that believes competition and greater might can establish the rules for what is right?

This was the same question that faced Arjuna when learning from Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. It’s essential that you get in touch with these sacred angles to approach this question with . . . this ‘question’ is your ‘quest’. This is the greatest quest of the modern era, where the human population has become so large; the abilities have become so advanced and ominous; the consequences have become so dangerous . . . it’s either come up with the solution, or the species will extinguish itself in the history of life. But this is not how the great Gita ends the tale . . . according to this account, there’s a silver lining in the storyline, and this is your task -- this is your quest -- find the silver lining.

Our prayer is that you understand the stakes, and that the stakes don’t frighten you; that you receive hope and courage from the fact that if the dilemma is present -- the solution must be also . . . commit to being the solution.

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