Over the centuries we have developed our collective human opinions around primitive emotions; an emotional body, stuffed with survival reactions that have not been advanced or revitalized for many millions of years. These opinions may hold no truth; they may only be opinions – but, they are wrapped in ancient emotions that have no modern bearings of language to argue against them, so they live by default and influence us from their position in the subconscious. Opinions want to survive, like anything does, and our emotions support this desire. Look how long the flat Earth lived in the fears of the Dark Ages.

It is now time to separate these collective opinions from their individual facts, even cosmic opinions need separating from their emotional support. These same cosmic opinions build and propagate our family, cultural, national and religious stories. These are fantastic stories that fan the flames of territory, protection and intolerance, none of which were a part of the life or attitude of the family members, the national founders or the religious Prophets. These stories are simply opinions supported by ancient collective survival emotions of humanity – emotions that everyone now has to overcome.

Our opinions of this universe being a “uni” “verse” are the same as our older opinions of a flat Earth. It is time to upgrade our operating systems and realize just how large Infinity is.

Shame is another such opinion; a human pandemic from ancient emotions that has developed a real head of steam over the centuries. It is a “go-to” feeling carried by many bloodlines to elicit control from others in an attempt to command safety.

The fear of death is another sensation of life that is out of tune and out of time. It is a reminder that we must not only master the instrument of life, we must keep it tuned. Without tuning, even great playing will be way off key.

When we shy from confronting to correct these erroneous opinions, we allow them to permeate and prevail. In terms of realities over opinions, we must build the collective awareness beyond these emotions if we want to spread any sense of a real life. The Universe is a multi-verse; the Earth is not round; life can be enlightened to see beyond the doors of death and shame is an ancient fantasy, begging for a more conscious world to replace it. These and more are the basics to be mastered and taught,

Tune your instrument of life daily, be in touch, be in tune, be in time with your space always. This is Sadhana – a key to the “new economy” in the “next evolution.” This is growth, this is living life.