Some choice, single choices could set a consciousness back millions of lifetimes. But, since the entire construct has forever and forever is zero, the passage of time is an illusion only being perceived by our senses. Therefore, having forever, the difference between forever and a short moment is nil. The moment you leave this physical body, you move into forever and anything that is taking place on earth is taking place in what is called all time. The idea of your ancestors and friends who go before you are waiting for you but there is no waiting, it exists all in one moment. We have a particular sensory system that defines that one moment in segments and that's called the passage of time. We also define the one particle of space as having vast dynamics but it exists within one measurable component. We use this construct here to define our identity and we identify by looking in the mirror. Don't you define how you look, I mean I can tie my turban without looking in the mirror but it doesn't look quite the same as it does if I look in the mirror. I am sure you can comb your hair without looking in the mirror but every once in awhile you use the mirror to do it. So we use this to define our capacity of utilizing the mirror and this is a two dimension drawing of multidimensional events so just understand that this is really simplistic but here in the center is your initial construct, it's your conflict which defines all conflict.