Chaos with a Purpose


Early in the life of this vast megaverse, which holds the universe that you call home, the pre-matter was so extremely hot and dense -- "black-hole dense" – that it was only composed of sub-sub-atomic quarks and gluons in a plasma form, not bound together yet into the particles of actual matter. This was a state of total chaos, but it was chaos with a purpose, and out of this chaotic “soup” came all the elements we have today. Primordial chaos, that's still at the core of the megaverse, is the soup from which the matter of all life begins . . . into which the soul is placed. Such is the nature of ease, joy, knowing and liberation . . . the actual origins of life and love. In order to change your world, you must recreate this soup, and to do so you must recreate your awareness of the possibilities within the soup. It's a huge surrender, for this is the primordial mixture in which you dwell without identity. Without this surrender of identity and subsequent awareness, you do not advance, but simply lounge about life with the sole purpose of protecting an identity that is fleeting and temporal. In today’s world, this is the state of total frustration at the core of all violence within the moments . . . moments spent in search of peace . . . the peace that is already there in the ease, joy, knowing and liberation, but invisible to your frustration. You, and this entire process are so incredibly sacred. Within your physical body (a temple), you have the only system that can re-present this . . . it’s your conscious awareness. Actually located, non-locally, your conscious awareness registers locally in the system of your brain, nerves, thoughts and emotions. When you combine this system with a conscious will – ‘will’ is born within the heart -- you find the peace you're searching for; achieve the greatest good, and advance the love within the purpose of your life. Our prayer is that you break from lounging about, protecting the temporal identity, and re-surrender to capturing the momentum within your greater moments; ride the waves of this momentum for a while without any purpose -- then locate a purpose at the core of your will . . . right here in your loving heart.