Changing Opinions


Over the centuries, we have developed our collective human opinions around primitive emotions. Those opinions may hold no truth – they may be only emotions – but they are wrapped in ancient emotions, and live by default. Opinions, like anything, want to survive. And our emotions support this desire.

It is now time to separate these collective opinions from their individual facts. These are the fantastic stories that fan the flames of territory, protection and intolerance. It is time to upgrade and realize just how large Infinity is.

The fear of death is another sensation of life that is out of tune and out of time. It is a reminder that we must not only master the instrument of life – we must keep it tuned. Without that, even great playing will be off key.

By shying away from confronting these opinions we allow them to permeate and prevail. We must build a collective awareness beyond these emotions if we want to spread any sense of real life.

Tune your instrument of life daily. Be in touch, in tune, in time with your space. This is ‘Sadhana’, a key to the ‘new economy.’ It is growth, it is living life.