Change Your Construct of Time


We are working with the physical body as if it were what it is, an instrument . . . an instrument that produces and uses forces and that also observes the elements that these forces interact with. It observes them through the senses and all of this is involved in the construction of your opinion of time. The more kryas you do the more you can release old stagnation of emotion. Stagnation of emotion controls outlook . . . outlook controls the new emotion that is trying to replace the old emotion so if it is stagnation then it is replaced by itself. Nothing changes, your construct of time remains the same and you remain stuck in old patternsthat keep repeating. This is what we are here to liberate ourselves from. This is why we do Kundalini yoga on a daily basis. In Kundalini yoga, glands and organs are called the gateways of health. Health is a construct of time. All bad health is good health in developmental stages. In the early days of Kundalini yoga, whenever we would get sick we would always say, I am cleansing. Are you sick? No I am cleansing. It was such a gentle way of looking at what we had always looked at differently. Is the relationship sick? No we're cleansing, was the statement in the midst of arguments and when we would lay a bunch of manure on each other . . . it was time to plant seeds. All you have to do is change your construct of time and you completely change your life. Grief holds an attachment to time. Joy releases it constantly.