Challenging your comfort zone is a requirement


Safety is in the eye of the beholder;  whether making decisions for yourself or having somebody else do that for you, we each define comfort in a different way. However, which ever way you see it, it is something we hold on to for dear life. But- if we never let go, we will never be able to grow.

To grow one must explore, reach beyond what is easy and familiar. In a certain way, our safety zone is the most dangerous place to be, for we are standing still.

But growing spritually takes even more than this. It is a long and painful process of facing our strongest doubts and biggest fears. It is passing through hell to get to heaven.

This is known as shakti-path and it is where a spiritual leader is essential. Somebody to knock you off this pedestal of false certainty. Always remember, that even if you are not enjoying the ride, you must go through it to get to the other side.

“Safe” is a false comfort. It is the most dangerous state of unconsciousness. There is always going to be a “good” reason to worry about “what if”, but this only takes away from your ability to asses what is.

Commitment, on the other hand, has the ability to trump all other emotions and feelings. Through commitment and surrender, and only through commitment and surrender, can we overcome insecurity. The caliber you attain from commitment is where character begins, and with character nothing is beyond your capacity.

The desire to grow, to begin this journey, begins the process of resolving this once and forever. There is no shortcut, no cheat code, there is no walking around or out of our Universe- there is only through, straight down the middle of your extremes. All the while moving the parts of you that seem unmovable, facing the side of you you try to run away from.

Meditate, create a schedule, if it is within your abilities, relate to a teacher who can keep you from sliding off your path. Surrender to your insecurities.

You will know you have made progress when you stop feeling safe, but not feel unsafe. This is prosperity. This is spiritual growth.