Celebrate is Good for Life


There's always been controversies surrounding the celebration of anything . . . its the constant law of 'equal and opposites'. It's a law of nature, and this law will never stop . . . opposites actually hold the physical universe together. The 'holy days' (holidays), Christmas, New Years, Winter Solstice et al . . . they've been subject to this law ever since the dates and days were established. All that history and mystery ago -- there's been push back against the origins and the ongoing stories. To push against the push back, there have been stories added to one another . . . one after another . . . additions to keep the previous beliefs active and alive. But, what must not be lost in all of this is -- each story has a purpose and a process, built over the centuries. Take the story of Santa Clause, short for Saint Nicholas . . . a remarkable tale. Also known as Nikolaos of Myra, a 4th-century Christian saint and Greek Bishop of Myra, (modern-day Demre, Turkey). Nikolaos was the patron saint of theives and if you had anything lost or stolen, you prayed to him for its safe return. At Christmas time, your friends would search the thieves markets for your items (lost or stolen), if they found them, or something similar, they'd buy it and return it to you. The story was . . . it came from Saint Nikolaos . . . from Santa Claus. People often ask my wife and I . . . "Do you celebrate Christmas?" The answer is simple . . . we celebrate any chance we get . . . celebration is good for life. The word celebrate means to honor and inspire, and we honor the inspired life and legend of Jesus . . . a story of life that humanity can also be inspired by. Our prayer is that you too, celebrate as often as you can, every chance you get, honor life and story with all your heart and soul; keep the celebrations of life alive and pass them on, with all the inspired tales, to each generation. Find peace, love and joy this day and everyday, and a very merry Christmas to you and to all that you love.