catch the wave


There's a wave of time moving everywhere always; it's a wave to anywhere from right where you are. You can either ride this wave, or try to push this wave, or you can try to avoid and pull away from this wave. The quality of your life will depend on how you ride and relate with this wave . . . or don't. From the early archetypal wisdom of ancient societies grew the world's mythologies and mantras and yantras and their deeply profound testimonies. They were based on these waves of time and how your skills of riding them were to be developed and used. The ingenious nature of mythos, mantras, yantras, mandalas, hieroglyphs and ideograms kept this higher evolutionary memory alive throughout time with their stories. 'Memory triggers' that stimulate 'receptor codes' unlocked and decoded the mysteries held in these waves as societies evolved and individuals excelled. Yantras are the visual equivalence of mantras; science studies, some using my wife and I in MRI tubes, have proven that the combinations of mantras, mudras and yantras produce blood flow to areas of the brain that inspire understanding, balance physical gravity with emotional levity, and mimic the nature of human nature with the far more compatible and comprehending cosmic nature. Mantras, yantras and the like, allow you to ride these waves of time right at the balance point; anchored at the grounding point, while leaning and moving into the direction of your desired point of destiny. Our prayer is that you develop a daily practice of mantra, mudra and yantra; create something that you say and something that you see each day to inspire your inspiration as you ride the waves of your time throughout the oceans of your life with great levity. Catch the wave.