Calling All Angels


Angels and guides ride amongst the waves in the ocean of love . . . a calm courage in a space that's always chaotic. Quantum Physics says this chaos initiates material reality, but it doesn't, it's actually the raw material of reality. The initiator is your bold imagination . . . both conscious and unconscious . . . loving and critical. When life's fortune leads you to someone with whom you experience this calm courage within the chaos -- even if it's only for a brief moment -- this is an angel in your life . . . a divine guide. This pure experience -- this sacred partner -- will encourage your boldest imagination and inspire the strength you require to believe in it. This is vital nourishment to your extraordinary life -- whether for a moment, or forever -- this person is a devotee of your soul. Your task in such a relation -- even when the window is brief -- is to honor this 'vein' of devotion. Like a vein of precious metal inside the Earth of mundane stones -- follow it as it guides you to the source . . . the source of all life's sacred journeys. This angel will guide you with encouragement and bring calm to the chaos of many lifetimes. This angel may be your love -- your life partner -- an animal in your world -- or an occasional friend or stranger pushing you toward your fulfillment . . . be deeply grateful for them all, for gratitude is the food of their angelic experience . . . and you have many angels. Whenever their guidance fades or disappears . . . sit within the surrounding chaos -- embrace their memory and their calming sensations . . . this vein of consistency you once sensed, will eventually reappear and carry you safely forward. Our prayer is for your gratitude in the times of guidance and the times of waiting for it to reappear; for mastering your bold imagination and igniting a sacred reality within the chaos of these times. Calling all angels . . . respond well to their calm encouragement as you play in life's storms.