Calibrating The Senses


When you calibrate your senses to find something, you will find something. You calibrate your senses by creating a habitual thought pattern. In other words, if you think someone is a jerk, habitually you think someone is a jerk, they will not be able to prove otherwise. Your receptive only to the components of their activity that are a jerk. Now they're displaying a vast spectrum of characteristics at all time. Pheromones are those particles, minuscule particles that have a variety of shapes. Inside of your olfactory system, you have the receptacles that match a particle. If a particle is able to perfectly lodge in a receptacle, it can only do so it if has an identical shape. This is a very primitive system, our sense of smell. The most primitive of all the senses in the human toolbox but it's also the most powerful because if you can smell a smell, it could take you back for decades. It could put you in a space where you remember something that took place. But it's a very primitive system, it's a physical system.

When the pheromone can lodge perfectly into the receptacle because the shape is identical and these shapes, the only thing that has evolved in this system are the shapes of the pheromones and the receptacles. It triggers the nerve endings at the base of that receptacle and that nerve ending sends the signal to the brain that has a preregistered aroma. You don't actually smell an aroma. You're stimulated by the pheromone lodged in the receptacle stimulating a nerve to register a pre-described aroma that exists in your brain. The only pheromone that can trigger a receptacle is an exact fit. Now that was a long explanation to bring us back to point and the point is when you have aligned your receptacles that someone is a jerk, the only sensations that you will allow through you filter no matter how faint that might be are that that person is a jerk.