build the world you dream of


The struggle between gravitational attraction and universal expansion actually culminated around six billion years ago, this is when dark 'transparent' energy became stronger and a more dominant factor in the universe than gravity. Gravity is logical whereas dark 'transparent' energy is magical; there are other logical forces that balance this all out, because the total cosmos is in a constant state of balance. At that point, six billion years ago, any objects that weren’t already gravitationally bound together — never would be -- and this set up the chaordic stage we live with today. Gravity pulls matter together, while universal expansion (caused mainly by the dark 'transparent' energy) constantly counters this gravitational pull . . . the constant play of these opposites established the opportunity for life to exist. The space around life must always be expanding . . . universes, meta-verses and multi-verses (that fill all space) -- ease, joy, knowing and liberation (at the core of every living cell) must bond together -- macrocosms and microcosms requiring constant expansion mixed with gravitational grounding. In order for your human brain to interpret and understand this expanding/bonding riddle (the third dimensional space right in front of you) you must be motivated and able to reach into it and use it. The early rotation of your thumb, to oppose the other fingers, gave prehumans capacity and motivation to reach into the third dimension and gather food. The centering of your eyes in the front of your face gave you the ability to clearly perceive this space. Constantly expanding space allows you to grow your perspectives of opportunity throughout your life -- producing the psychic fundamentals of hope, inspiration and enthusiasm -- essentials for a healthy outlook. Our prayer is that you passionately grow your perspectives of possibilities; reach into and develop your relationship with the space all around you; take advantage of your psychic advantages as a human being and teach others to create advantages in their own lives . . . ground yourself in gravity . . . expand yourself in levity . . . build the world you dream of.