Build Stability in the Paradox


Schrödinger's cat--a paradoxical thought experiment, devised by Austrian physicist Dr. Erwin Schrödinger in 1935--here the memory of the past, the present and the future coincide in a “cat”--or anything of three dimensions--to prove that “reality” is not a fixed’s a variable of the mind. This same platform determines the world’s finances and always has. The only constant in the equation of perception, is the variation of variables within human thoughts, concepts and ideas.

Finance in this world is a thought experiment--another paradox--with the financial authorities claiming otherwise, while their skillsets are measured by how many people they convince the variables are constants. Intrigue, honesty and dishonesty surround this financial paradox...the constant play of opposites. It’s a collective agreement that holds the value of any medium of exchange, and when any person, persons, or forces shifts this agreement too rapidly, the trust of perceived value is shaken. Today’s play is to increase the supply, without decreasing the value--a game to see how far stretch can be stretched without tearing. This is the purpose of the markets, and just like with Schrödinger's cat, the outcomes aren't a guarantee.

The human brain wants to have guarantees and certainties in such events. The human brain wants to experience the security of a constant. But this isn't possible, and never has been. People then try to make memory their fixed source of measure...but memory is fuzzy--never an exact measure. You again arrive at the paradox in which the observed and the observer are in simultaneous flux...the observation is chaotic, and the observer is too. There’s no determination of reality...the boldest "cat" story receives the greatest coverage. Yoga masters throughout the ages described this as the illusion within an illusion within all illusions...clarity is your only constant.

Our prayer is that your goal is a routine and discipline that builds stability in the paradox of life's every single day.  

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