Breath – The Invisible Power Behind Health And Beauty


When I started teacher training two years ago, one of my goals was to write a book. The book I had in mind was about food but this changed after I read the Sutras of Patanjali and spent many hours time bathing in Peace Lagoon, the poetic sacred songs of the Sikhs. A few months later, breathing with a poetic mind and a singing heart was a gift that I received as I woke up some mornings. I practiced intensely this kind of breathing, as if I were opening up a gift every morning. It became a voluntary act of breathing with beautiful and healthy thoughts, investing the first moments of my day, still with my eyes looking inside at the rising of my true identity, to welcome life into my world.

I wrote this 40 day coaching to make the first breath of the day an object of gratitude. I guide the reader through practices that make breath awareness a priority throughout the day and encourages us to use it to create a more compassionate, loving world for ourselves and all beings.

Whether you practice advanced asanas or would like to start making a daily offering, the first step is the same. Please share with those who wander if yoga is for them… this is a door that opens the mind to invest more of the self into a kind and generous life.

Let’s create a new wave of morning awakeners! Breathe creatively and beautifully!

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Blessings Love and gratitude, Shant Joti J Marechal