Break The Code On The Limitations of Knowledge


Certain metaphysical practices—chanting, yoga, meditation, concentration, pratyahar,reflection, and contemplation—develop the capacity to break the code on the limitations of what you can know. If you should dare to go beyond the societal glass ceiling on what's allowed to be known, someone will say, “How do you know that?” What if the only way you could know it is by knowing it? That is, you couldn't know this particular thing by reading it because it has never before been articulated; you just discovered it and you know it to be true.You may have known something to be true in your life when you couldn't offer a reason for it, yet you knew it to be so. That's you breaking the ceiling. That's you breaking the sound barrier. You have the right. Not only do you have the right, you have the responsibility to break the code. Make stuff up and test it on yourself and see if it works.

If it doesn't, admit it and if it does, share it. What’s stopping you? Your adherence to normal—you don't want to be considered abnormal. What are you doing in your life, in your world, that is breaking the spell of normal? Whatever it is, commit to it.