Break the Code on the Limitations of Knowledge

  There are certain metaphysical practices—examples are—Kundalini yoga, other yogas, meditation, chanting, mental concentration, deep reflection and contemplation—they develop an inherent human capacity to expand the brain’s framing and to break an ancient indolence of mental limitation. These limitations on knowledge are culturally initiated glass ceilings of what's agreed to be known and not known. If you should dare to go beyond these limits someone will always say, “You are crazy!” They said it to Galileo; they said it to Einstein and they will no doubt say it to you.

You may have discovered something to be true in your life when you couldn’t offer a reason for it to be true, yet you knew it to be so. This is called unreasonable knowing and you are breaking the ceiling. That's you breaking the agreement of normal—the collective “sound barrier.” That’s you knowing the flat Earth is actually round before anyone else. You have this right. Not only do you have the right to know, you have the responsibility to break this limitation.

Imagine at a given moment, or perhaps over time, you realize that the only way you could actually know a very particular fact for certain is by simply knowing that you know? That is—in other words—you couldn't know this particular ‘thing’ by reading about it because it has never been written; you couldn’t find a teacher who could teach this ‘thing’ because it has never been taught; you have just discovered it and you know it to be true.

It might feel, at first, like you are making stuff up, but test it on yourself and see if it’s real. If it isn’t, admit it, but if it is, share it with all who will listen. The only thing that can stop you is your adherence to normal, is the fear to speak. You may, at many times, desire to be considered normal, but in today’s world remember, normal is actually creating global havoc. Release this desire and create freedom . . . imagine having the courage.

Imagine also that now is a great time to ask: “What am I doing in my life, in my world; what am I doing to break this spell of ignorance? What on Earth am I doing for heaven’s sake?”

Whatever it is, commit to it and live it to the fullest.