Coherence of Body, Mind and Spirit


We know that there is crisis, chaos on Earth; there is havoc in the heart of humanity. The suffering of those caught in the midst of war or other barbarian manipulation is like a wave of incoherence that we all feel. The aggressor and the propaganda's defense against this global wave is to find reasons scary enough that the whole world tilts on the coherent side even if we have to rely on doubts and fear, a lot of people follow this delusion, ignoring the facts and living in the dream.  This is more comfortable for everyone. Still, we cannot deny that we are powerful enough to create such waves.

On a smaller scale, our body also reacts to this magnetic field that we create all together. The wave of higher consciousness that we ride right now is pure coherence. We all know this and we have to accept that in creating this WE ARE TOGETHER, WE ARE ONE! From there, all we have to do is continue to do each our best to support coherence in our individual lives.

Good nutrition is all about coherence. What I eat comes from a coherent agricultural process. There is a coherence between what I eat and what I need to be healthy. I do not ignore the facts. I know the messages from the look of food, the taste of food and the manipulations that are done to foods are not coherent with my best interest. I keep learning about these foods, I keep learning about my bodies.  I know my intention and I feed my mind and my spirit to support it.

Today, I do yoga and meditate.  I stand my grounds to be part of the global coherence wave that keeps us and our individual efforts together and powerful. I meditate through the day by being a witness. I observe my inner and my outer worlds, I refine my coherence.

Today, I drink water and let it flow through my veins. I eat green, yellow, orange, red and blue food. I remind myself of the collective rainbow that we all generate above any clouds. Today, I believe in magic and make life beautiful for myself and those close to me  Today  I chose to ride the wave that heals the world, the powerful ONE.


In your observation time, color your world. Paint some soft pink around children, paint some green around the needy, yellow around our youth, make them shine! See the power in everyone, see their participation in their own way, feed off of this, get spirited and elevate. There are days when food is more nutritious when given than eaten.

Sat Nam

Shant Joti, healer, astrologer and life coach. Info: