Bless Yourself. Repeat Daily.


You can recreate your mental capacity, but the only way to do it -- is on a daily basis. That means you have to pick yourself up and every single day, grab hold of that monkey mind and the body you are occupying and toss it in a cold shower. You want to flush your deep glands and organs. What happens when the cold water hits your body? The capillaries on the skin go, “eeeeeeeekkk” and rapidly contract. Do you know how many miles of capillaries you have? You have sixty-three million miles of capillaries. They are microscopic. When that cold water hits you, the volume of blood at the surface of your skin flushes your liver, gall bladder, spleen, stomach and intestines. It flushes them like no other modality can. You need to flush your internal organs because they have been cleaning themselves all night long and have a little pile of grit waiting for the street cleaner to come along and sweep it into the receptacles so it can move through your bowels and be eliminated. Otherwise the grime accumulates quickly. That's just the first step. The second step in recreating your mental capacity is getting onto your yoga mat and moving: stretching, breathing, making your nerves powerful. To finish the process off, sit in stillness; chant and clear your mind. Now you are flushed, clear and have reestablished your neuro-biological circuitry by creating a self-blessing. Repeat daily.