The existence of life does not change with birth or death . . . it only alters the costume of existence. Birth enters an ocean of life . . . the water exists as a river before it’s born into the ocean. The water still exists even as it’s evaporated into the clouds of death. Everything exists before it becomes what it becomes, for existence has no beginning, and life has no end. It’s a circular pattern that’s never broken -- the river never stops running. When there’s a birth of a lifetime, there’s a tremendous celebration within this continuum -- everything about this endless system adores these transition points. And though the birth is not the beginning, it is a transition, and the sensations throughout this immortality produce a phenomenal celebration. There’s a vast deepening of awareness when you connect to this celebration at the moment of a birth -- these transition moments are so exclusively inclusive. The birth of a brand new life is the elimination of the need for familiarity . . . in this very moment there’s something so brand new and completely ancient . . . all at once. The river, that’s been winding its way through all of infinity, has temporarily become the waters contained within a body . . . the river is now the ocean of this lifetime. There remains a deep connection to all those spirits who ride on the waters of the river; who play in its twists and turns; its rapids and waterfalls. Now, at the birth of this brand new lifetime, as the child enters this world, you experience the joy and the prayers of all those many friends . . . the spirits . . . the relations of so many moments. There’s a knowing . . . there’s an awareness that everything is still the same . . . that the waters of the river are still flowing, and great joy stands as opportunities within the ocean of this new beginning. Our prayer is that you welcome the oceans that are born from the rivers; that you honor the entire length of the endless rivers that give birth . . . each birth is an opportunity to be experiencing the sacred. It's the sunrise on a new ocean, and a 'great eagle' is watching over it all.