Binary Construct


The whole entire event is a drive to get back together. The conflict separated us, the bang separated us and the drive is to reunite. Everything that we do, including things that are derisive are our attempts to reunite, therefore, we form what are called relationships within the fact we are in essence a relationship. Anytime there is more than an infinite nothing, there must be a relation. That is what is known as the binary construct of this universe. It means that it has a play of opposites. It has certain dynamic laws such as if there is an action there must be a reaction equal and opposite. These are the laws in which we dwell. These are the laws in which our consciousness perceives. Therefore, existence is conflict and conflict is relationship, therefore, existence is relationship and every relationship is conflict. The success or failure of a relationship is not whether or not there is conflict but how that conflict is perceived. We exist within what is known as this binary construct, which is the construct of relationship, one is mirroring the other. Then the other is mirroring the one and then the one is mirroring the other and it builds, it is an accumulative affect. So when you're in a relationship with anything, you could be in a relationship with a tree, with a wall, with a particle of dust. You experience the relationship and have a response to the relationship. The response to the experience creates a new relationship of the same relationship of which you have a new experience from which there is a new response which creates a new dynamic and a new perceptive and a new perspective of the other further accumulated relationship. And it's all about conflict.

The key to successful relationships is that you are not conflicted within the conflict. That you accept the conflict as an image or as an identity of the relationship and don't blame because blame becomes a new identity of the relationship. Now you have to relate through the filter of blame. It also is claim, you can not claim, there is no ownership in this universe. Ownership defines territory, territory defines separation and separation is the antithesis of the goal because the goal is to reunit. Everything we do, we try to boil it down to the simplest particle just so we can have a moment of nonreality. In that moment of nonreality, we try to establish stability. There is no stability within this expect you. If you can relate to you as the same you no matter what, that is a reality and it is the only reality of stability that exists.