Beyond Your Five Senses


The neocortex is an integral part of the mammalian brain; the most recent part to evolve. It contains four lobes -- frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal -- each performs functions ranging from sensory acuity to conscious thought. Quantum science says: time is just space in motion viewed from a single, non-moving, point of perception. Conscious thought is this point of perception; without it, there is no time. As space moves through your perception, the space which has already passed through is called the past; that which is yet to move through your point of perception is called the future. But, if you look at it from a quantum -- a fifth dimensional perspective -- it all exists at all times . . . it’s just beyond your neocortextual perception. Intuition is the ability to perceive in this fifth dimension; to understand the topography of spacetime beyond the perception of a single point of space, and a single moment of time . . . it's super-conscious. Even though the neocortex has been a tremendous advancement within human evolution; delivered all of your inventions; made parts of your lives more beneficial and advanced . . . there’s a drawback. This benefit has trapped you in the illusion of time -- of conscious thought; the illusion that the only thing influencing the future comes from the past. This completely ignores the invisible topographical map -- it ignores the nature of spacetime. Outside this neocortex, or perhaps within a portion that has not been discovered, or perhaps within a combination of its parts -- rests the power of your intuition. You have this capacity to see the topographical map -- the fabric of spacetime that surrounds you; to see the inclinations, permutations and combination of the ‘future’ . . . ‘now’. You can hear them, see them, feel them, smell them, and taste them if you allow yourself to depart from the view of your neocortextual logic. Our prayer is that you have the faith in the cosmos to depart from this evolutionary advancement; return to the base of your consciousness; know that you know what’s beyond your five senses and deliver a brighter future than comes from the past . . . deliver it now.