Beyond the Fire: You Are the New Prophets


  The earth has arrived at a point of crisis and union, of bifurcation and unification . . . we have arrived at the age of yoga. The externalization of GOD that has separated us from the divine Self for all these centuries, has now reacted and stimulated the longing of the soul-body to reunite—the individual soul with the total soul—the Atma to reunite with Paramatma. This reaction is how evolution works.

Stimulated by this union, we, who have reached an advanced level of spiritual evolution, become the prophets of the new times, the teaching-masters. Not in the old ways of prophet worshipping, but in these new times we evoke the divine presence and become the prophet within . . . we begin to honor each other from this advanced perspective of that Divinity.

This is the coming of age. Forget the use of the word New Age. That, like the word liberal, has been tainted. But understand also that liberal does mean liberation. This is a time of liberation.

Can you handle the full realization of your responsibility? You are a liberator!

Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and every other religion are going to have to come together. We have to come together because we are together anyway, we just don't necessarily experience this with our senses . . . yet.

We are in fact connected protoplasmically and ectoplasmically. That means physically—for real—not just philosophically, and not just energetically either. You and I are connected on the physical level and what hurts you, hurts me, and what moves you, moves me. It is the time for us to lead the way of getting in touch with this actuality. As humans we have numbed ourselves to this factor, but it's a fact nonetheless.

Global peace depends on this awareness and your leadership. Suit up; show up; keep up!