Beyond The Fire


We have arrived at a point of Oneness, of unification. We are no longer separated. The externalization of God separated us from the divine Self, stimulated by the longing of the soul to reunite paramatma with atma, the individual soul with the total soul. Stimulated by that, we, who are at a very advanced level of spiritual evolution become the prophet, we evoke the divine presence and we become the prophet within, we begin to honor each other as that divinity. This is the coming age. Forget the use of New Age. That, like the word liberal, has been way tainted. But understand that liberal does mean liberation.

Can you handle this information? Does it twist you a little bit? You don't think that the fire keeper followers were upset when the maker came along? You don't think that caused some family disruption? You don't think that when the immaculate concepters came along saying, God is this and not this, this incredible being beyond beings? You don't think that disrupted the fire makers, they had had it to themselves for six hundred and fifty thousand years. Nobody disputed their magic. So the Sikhs, and the Hindus and the Jews and the Buddhists and the Muslims and on and on are going to have to come together. We are going to have to come together because we are together anyway, we just don't see it. We're actually connected protoplasmicly. That means physically. Not metaphysically. Ectoplasmicly is on a physical level, you and I are connected. What hurts you, pains me and maybe I have numbed myself to that factor but it's a factor nonetheless.