Beyond Logical


The discovery of physically disobedient crystals proves there’s more forms of matter out there with far different perspectives, forces, senses, essences, and dimensions than currently imagined. Even at its most progressed perspective, today’s science is simply redecorating a “flat Earth.” Aligning with the limits in the laws of current physics appears to be optional . . . which further expands the horizons of this universe into a megaverse, and on into the infinite multiverse. “Sacred cows” and "don't-touch" rules of “old-school” logic are meaningless in the endless Cosmos. These newly discovered crystals have twisted those laws . . . or have they? Great seers have always claimed to know of regions where the laws of logic are replaced by the awe of magic.

Beyond the rules that are fixed in limits, there are doors to the totality of reality . . . doors that open with the keys of innocence and awe . . . unique gateways into the Soul’s world. It’s through these gateways -- when accessed from the physical world -- that you’re led into the dimensions, empires, and kingdoms that true mythology has spoken of . . . kingdoms available to everyone. This is not the distorted versions that have haunted, plagued and limited human excellence throughout the centuries with their trademarked and patented messiahs. These are the truly extraordinary abilities that every human being -- being courageous and humane -- possesses. It's time for you to explore beyond the brutal limits of this combat zone controlled by buying and selling -- stealing and hoarding. It’s time for your vessel to sail beyond the current versions of the “flat Universe.” Humanity has come to the end of this three-dimensional road -- the answers are no longer found in logical, linear thinking.

Our prayer is that you’re fed up, irritated, and frustrated with such limits; that you’re ready to break these rules of old tired stories, and align with the big picture where the Earth is fully round; the universe is more than one, and miracles are simply another point of view . . . go ahead . . . step over the edge.

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