Beyond Logic


A tangent of a tangent leads to an outcome that has little to do with the original intention. Interpretations morph the original intention, allowing discoveries to emerge. The lack of such exploration is the by-product of a school system that doesn’t educate us, but rather rewards us for being right at the expense of being risky, adventurous, somewhat chaotic and even happy.

In the future, schools must teach that there has to be a degree of faith. Being able to observe the connectedness and all the impossibilities is an insight that borders on intuition. However, this is rarely taught in modern education and doesn’t get explored in society as a whole, as a result.

This task, going from tangent to tangent, is an arduous yet essential task, but there is a natural avoidance of it. It is thought to be only chaos. But, in chaos there is a connecting string—one that may lead to an ultimate discovery.

This is also a most powerful technique in which you form relationships in the heart. Though it makes no sense to your logical mind, it is far superior to any logic you have previously experienced – and it will reward you beyond your logical imagination.