beyond distractions & disruptions


Every seed represents the endless future, and a daily spiritual practice is the seed of endless wisdom. Surrounding any seed are the hard shells and thorns of protecting the future. Spiritual masters and wisdom seekers have always found themselves surrounded with distractions, deflections, disruptions and misdirections. . . the shells and the thorns that protect the vast seeds of wisdom inside. This was the role of the court jester; of the fool in the tarot -- all placed in the perfect position to create distractions and protect the seed . . . only true awareness sees through these shells and thorns and beyond to capture the vast wisdom. It's written in every epic tale and mythology of history . . . the many challenges one faces on the path. Everything that is outside you is also inside; the shells and thorns inside are your thoughts that distract, the opinions that distort, the emotions that disrupt, the half-truths that deflect and the constant misdirections. Remember this when next you ask, "why is this always happening" -- and remember this is happening to everyone around you also. You must be compassionate when you deal with the idiot you meet in another person . . . and in yourself. The key point: whenever you experience an idiot (inside or out), search for the seed -- it's always there . . . don't get sucked into the idiocy alone and think that this is all there is. When that's ever the case, you are truly an idiot. Our prayer is that you practice each day to understand the purpose of every shell and all the thorns in your life, especially when you experience and consider the world as it appears today with all of its idiocy and foolishness. Search deeply for the seeds of each moment, they're always there, being perfectly protected . . . your search beyond the distractions and disruptions will bring a great relief of joy to your foolish reactions.

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