Between the heart and the head


The human voice sits between the heart and the head. When we consciously mature and grow up in spirit, we learn to use this voice to activate our heart’s sense of the ‘eternal’ as a means of overcoming the head’s addiction to temporal logic. Eternity is not at all logical. With this activated sensation, we are unable to dispose of the fear of time, the fear of its passage and the fear of aging. Aging becomes the enemy rather than the messenger of wisdom.

All enlightened cultures are in awe of aging. It is worshipped as becoming closer to the goal of life. To them it is the great liberator from the darkness of ignorance. Western/industrial cultures tend to fear aging and are in awe of youth – as such, all things immature and senseless are marketed and promoted endlessly. This is one of the many reasons we pollute and destroy our planet so willingly. As immature beings, we take little responsibility for the consequences of our actions – just as small children are not capable of understanding the adult’s reaction to their actions.

2012 and the subsequent years are the perfect times to change our communication patterns. It is a time for us to use our voice and tune this human instrument to the harmony of the heart’s courage along with the head’s knowledge. This is the state of consciousness from which profound wisdom arises. Our voice, resting on the heart, responding to the brain, brings great clarity when properly and powerfully used.

Perfect exercises to strengthen this relationship are singing in the morning to call upon your most enthusiastic personality. Let yourself know, each day, that you speak from your own perspective and you do so with authority.

Each morning is an opportunity to be the person you were born to be. Each morning is an opportunity to take this chance, this risk, and blossom into the new evolution of human consciousness – create the greatest possibility of your life.

The lesson is to find all the great reasons within the essence of every challenge – then honor these reasons for being what they are. In a material universe, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction, learn to redirect the angles of the reaction to favor the action. Such is the resilient nature of the new evolution; such is the life that is alive today.