Be the Conscious Example

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This pristine world is rapidly disappearing under the weight of unconsciousness. It’s up to those who are more aware and evolved, to discover means of preventing this disappearance. Even the lost tribes, who have the most robust and capable DNA, are being encroached upon and will be lost to time if this aggressive unconscious course is not altered. Unconsciousness is aggressive because it’s insecure . . . it defeats everything not like itself to “protect” itself. What unconsciousness doesn’t realize is that mixing with dissimilarities actually strengthens the self. The play of opposites works with tension, pressure, stress and friction to mold space and time into matter and then into life. This is how evolution creates the greatest proponents from the interactions of opponents.

For this reason, now is a perfect time to act as a ‘shape-shifter’ of this unconsciousness; to be one who rides the waves of time, at the point of its greatest ease, and let those -- less able to understand such efforts -- learn from your example, then begin to mimic your skills. The original stewards of all lands around the world had these skills, they were overrun by “colonialists” . . . which is just a fancy (c) word for “land and resource thieves with imperial attitudes, powerful weapons, and false authority.” This has been happening since the advancing ice ages forced humans from their plant based diet of nature into being carnivores. Carnivores are territorial animals, and aggressively exclusive in their attitudes . . . not a human nature. Take your position on the lines of teaching by example; enable humans to observe a natural way; accept the deep criticisms that come with your actions, then wait for more awareness to arrive with the collective relaxation.

Our prayer is that you take up these positions of being a person standing in the way of aggressive unconsciousness; that you welcome the abuse in your face, and know your example is fulfilling both your destiny, and the sanctity of Mother Earth. 

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