Believing in your Heart


Just as the early usage of fire for cooking increased the size of the pre-human brain, the development of 'new-fire' is increasing the size of your newest brain, contained in the heart. This 'new-fire' is the passion for mastery and connection found at the heart chakra. Ganglia (clusters of neurons) are the physical realities within the metaphysical system of the chakras. This is the logical side of a very magical and complex relay of cosmic signals. These signals connect your life to the larger picture of all life. Though science is still unable to measure this -- the fact is -- every living creature is deeply connected with all life on this Earth and beyond it. Just as it took the invention of the telescope to allow Galileo to discover that the Earth was not the center of the universe, it will take far more sensitive equipment, than is currently available, to discover these intricate connections that exist universally. Their are constant signals traveling throughout the cosmos -- it's called the universal mind. Amongst this endless information, within these signals, are the exact messages directed specifically toward your soul-body exclusively. This is received by your heart chakra; it's to be used to master your life. In order for you to have a relation with this mastery, you must first believe it exists; then quiet the noise that interferes with its reception; ultimately tune into it on a regular basis . . . every day if possible. In this way your life becomes guided, rather than guarded; a product of mastery, rather than a mystery; able to draw, and then follow a map to your destination . . . your destiny. Now you can locate your life accurately -- rather than drifting on the waves, winds and whims of meandering time. Our prayer is that you find the passion to relate to this vast system of connectedness; discipline your life and tune to it daily; build the magical maps to be anywhere you wish, always. By believing in your heart, become a master of life . . . because at the heart of it all, you are.