Being Whole


The power of others on our energy field, the ability of someone to uplift or depress you in an instant is something we need to be aware of. Our environments affect us and true strength is to be protected and withstand the pressure from a strong core and magnetic field. Beauty, fame and power attract us, we seek them everywhere. In the products we buy, in our relationships with others and in our conversations with our mind: “I will be more successful in this jacket, I need this new car, I must have a degree, I am friends with powerful people etc.” And it throws us off course. Because we all have experienced that after acquiring all these things, we are left feeling as empty and full of needs as we were a day, a week or a year ago. So, what is the answer? You already have everything you need. You are co-creating reality in order to learn the lessons you chose to learn in this lifetime. Your essence is unchanged since the day you were born and until you exhale your last breath. There is nothing your soul needs from you or from anyone. The urge you feel is the essential yearning to reconnect you with you. Acknowledge and live from your true Self, the self that is common to all of us. From that moment--once you have that experience over and over--you see that we are all manifestations of the same essence. "They" are you and you are them. Only temporal physical existence separates you from each other. With this in mind and in heart, you can begin to live and to look at the universe as an impermanent learning sphere in which time is not linear.

Nina Mongendre--Ram Prakash Kaur