Being the Change Inside


Every creature's sense of time is radically different from the next, yet in fact, every moment of life is brand new. The only thing that carries forward, from one moment to another, is your psycho-emotional memory . . . some of which gets embedded in the physical body. It’s known however, in the theories and circles of high-energy physics, that at the quantum level of atomic and sub-atomic mechanics, all of the physical world renews itself each moment as well. The knowledge of spiritual masters, throughout the ages, is that your consciousness can also reset itself every seventy-two hours. Whatever is carried forward within all of this equation, is simply the fuzzy memory of your fuzzy memory . . . you create time from the time you’ve spent and the only thing holding you back from your dreams, is a lack of memory about the nature of an equation. You see -- the key to an equation is that both sides are equal . . . the world outside is equal to your world inside. The question is . . . which side will you alter? Most people try to alter the outside one — this is arduous and requires a great deal of physical struggle . . . you can never really get to all of it, but everyone tries with all their might. This is the reason why money is so exceptionally attractive . . . it has become the leverage tool to alter the outside world. Masters, for thousands of years, have advised that altering the inside world is actually altering the source . . . the source code if you will. This takes radical discipline, but then you're built to embrace the radical natures of your moments -- after all -- you’re a human . . . the fullest extension of the miracle of life. Our prayer is that you are ready, willing and able to be human; to release fuzzy memory that creates the challenge of believing there's inequality in an equation; to order the outcomes of your desires with the clarity and newness of each moment; to be fully alive with your life and change the outside world by being the change inside.