Being in the Moment


You are in the moment only when you are no longer a witness, no longer holding out for a peek to see if you are OK. When you are simply enjoying Prana (life force) as ameans of being who you are, unaware of all that you might not be – that is when you are OK. You do not require anything to justify you, verify you or confirm anything other than the experience of your existence. This is what yogis call a state of grace. It can come from complete confidence, extreme simplicity or deep trust. It is about having faith.

This confidence allows for many things, including the experience of life. Experiencing joy without needing an explanation or reason; experiencing love and needing no justification – disallowing any doubts and disruption allows for the pure existence to have a pure experience. This is known in Sanskrit as “Khalsa.”

The more you must explain with intellect what you are experiencing, the less you are experiencing life and more just witnessing a concept of life. This will eventually turn into pain and the purpose of life becomes the avoidance of it.

Your task is to dive into the experience and become the Soul having a human experience while being humane. To be the experience itself and your birthright of happiness will appear as if it was there all along.