being exactly who you are


Wisdom keepers have said, "The distance between you and your enlightenment is the length of your spine, and the time it takes to get there, is the amount you want it to." This may seem too simple and perhaps unrealistic to you, but if you think about it . . . all matter is energy reduced to an observable rate -- with each observation, the nature of the observed is controlled by the attitude of the observer -- time is space passing through an observation. Now ask the questions: What are you observing -- enlightenment, or ignorance? When are you ready -- now, or some future now? It's exactly the same as the difference between -- before you learned to ride a bike, and after -- before you learned to swim, and after. There is in fact no real learning here, there's simply a moment when you decide that you can -- because swimming is floating, which you can do without learning, and biking is balancing, which is the nature of the universe. Enlightenment is knowing that you know, and knowing that you know is just believing that you have the authority to know. It's all in the angle at which you view your capacity and your challenge. When you view your capacity at the angle equal to your challenge, there will be no distance between now and whenever. When you view your capacity at an angle of difference, the distance between now and whenever will be as long as you hold on to the difference. The brain needs validation; it makes up reasons for self-examination; you establish the results against some future moment . . . the "moment" you decide you will be ready. Our prayer is that you give yourself the authority to be ready right now for what you are always ready for; that you know that you know that you are who you are; that you allow for the time that is reasonable and then become unreasonably capable of being exactly who you are at that time . . . ready, willing and able right now.