Being Completely At Home


Dynamic silence is to be able to sit in any environment being completely at home. Absolutely no angst and no concern and in that environment because you are not projecting angst or concern into that environment, you get a full sensation of the environment. It's called appreciation. Appreciation has this idea that you like something. It doesn't actually mean that you like something, it means that you get it. When you're in the presence of someone else and you actually fully get them, you appreciate them and they really appreciate you. Have many have really been gotten? How many know someone who really gets you? Raise your hand. When someone truly gets you, they get your warts and they get your beauty. They get your good and they get your bad. They don't have an opinion about it. They don't think your bad is bad or your good is good. They just get it. It's an incredible sensation. It's a relation of the heart. It's the joy of a relationship that truly relates. In order for that to take place outside yourself, it has to take place inside yourself. You have to be able to locate the remote. You have to be able to locate what causes the system to tune into whatever channel you desire to tune into.

It is right, sometimes you just want to be miserable. Sometimes you do. It's not a good idea to be that way a lot but if you're up on top of the Empire State building and you're thinking about the fastest ways of getting down and you think fly, you should be  miserable to have that thought just to let you know, don't go there. There is a place for every emotion. Your anger has a place, your jealous has a place, your rage has a place. There is a place for your joy and for your love. There is a place for every emotion in the human system. Have you been taught how to have those feelings or have you been taught, don't worry it will pass, when you have a feeling you don't like feeling. When you have a feeling you don't like feeling, how many feelings are you feeling? At least two but many more because all feelings are composites, are accumulative.