Begin To See That Within Yourself That You Want To See Everywhere Else


Not only is the practice of yoga having an effect on you because you are overriding the brain's insistent nature - this is also having an effect upon youthrough the pressures that you are shifting in your body. You are creating an opportunity for your DNA to begin to shine with it's original destiny after all this social, cultural, civilization pressure and none of it having to do with your manifest destiny or your manifestation of your destiny. If we could really comprehend how much noise sits between the consciousness and the moment . . . we would work harder to try and connect. The body is an instrument just like a guitar and it needs tuning every single day that you're going to pick it up to play. Everything causes that guitar to come out of tune and sometimes you need to pull on the strings because they will get bound up. You want the breath to enter as two and hit the back of your throat as one. The binary becomes unitary. That is the way existence is. Time becomes space. This is completely dispelling all of those myths that you are not good enough . . . the unless you perform, we won't approve of you. That isn't ever the case. Relationship is not about performance. It's about perception. Perceive of your excellence, that is your relationship.

The way the body has evolved, the way the system has evolved the brain has really taken over in order to survive and now that we have survived to this point, we need to transform that. We need to transfer the emphasis from the brain to the heart so that we can begin to harmonize so that rather than having a head to head we have a heart to heart. Head to head is combat and competition. Heart to heart is compassion and compatibility. So really begin to discover that within yourself that you want to see everywhere else.