Begin at the Beginning


Within the vast cosmos there’s a recycling system that allows for matter -- that’s been exhausted over billions, even trillions of years -- to be reconstituted, recycled and reintroduced into existence. Every galaxy has at least one ‘black-hole’ -- this is the recycling system’s entry point. Through here, all exhausted matter is reduced to its sub-sub atomic form via the massive force of highly advanced gravity . . . gravity so dense that it can reduce our Sun to the size of a ‘pea’ before disappearing it into the ‘invisible’. It’s returned to circulation, still invisible, through a corresponding ‘white-hole’ . . . waiting for a new assignment as matter. It’s the stem cells of matter . . . it’s called ‘dark-matter’. Astrophysicists are noticing the gravitational effects of a gigantic disc of this invisible pre-substance spread throughout this galaxy . . . the galaxy seems to oscillate in a wave pattern passing through this massive invisible disc every 33 million years. Ancient masters knew these stem-cells of matter are assigned back into visible matter by the universal mind -- the same mind-source of all thoughts. As unmotivated, unconscious beings, thought just appears. But as an advanced, conscious-awareness, you access thought according to your belief . . . your knowing. When in this advanced state, your system operates at optimal capacity . . . you become a co-creator. This is a human being, actually being human. You can literally manifest stem cells of dark matter into material form . . . it’s a miracle. An unyielding, unwavering belief . . . an unreasonable knowing that requires absolutely no reason to know what it knows . . . this, the ancient masters referred to this as your ‘immortal authority’. Our prayer is that you begin at the beginning; work with your belief system; expand your ability to manifest the dream of being you . . . all the raw material is there for you. Later on you can work with miracles . . . the possibilities are endless . . . for now, be content to manifest calm, joy and fulfillment.