Become the Power of Change 

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Today’s world is being played by a sleeping blindness -- one that’s meandering through the woods of time without a clue as to how to achieve meaningful outcomes. “Leadership bodies” endlessly play in the background of this continuously ironic idiocy. It’s not leadership -- or any form of “ship” at all -- but just an unfortunate “canoe” . . . ready to capsize the moment anyone stands up for anything. Many are alert to this challenge, but few are truly aware of any available alternatives. Playing to their bases -- this world of seven and a half billion humans -- obsessives over its primitive and barbaric instincts.

This is playing with the most dangerous facets of human nature . . . two legged monsters with crucial intelligence and zero wisdom, where “Lord of the Rings” is quickly devolving into “Lord of the Flies.” Happening today -- on many continents -- this bigoted state of complete terror is not a democratic process in any way, but a mob rule that’s running out of options. It has been this way for centuries, but now technology puts it on handheld screens in an instant for everyone to witness. The addiction is to this witnessing . . . the recovery is a required course to study. Spend less time in your witnessing and more time with your clearing and planning, for it is in the matrix of your plan that you'll become the power of change.

Our prayer is that you’re intent on being a part of the critical solution here; that you’re committed to wasting zero energy on criticizing the game . . . but invent a skillset and raise the level of play so that a new game can be joined in by all. 

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